10 facts about bitfiner.

The facts are very relevant, and some of them not that relevant at all. Have fun reading them, and thumbs up for finding this well-hidden page.

Trusted by clients from over 20 countries

Bitfiner is trusted by clients from over 20 countries, and we seek only to grow our assets in that field. We invest heavily in building trust with our clients.


Over 5 years of charity work

Bitfiner has been helping a global charity Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation, for over 5 years already on a pro-bono basis and invested thousands of hours into helping the foundation.


Awarded and recognized globally

Bitfiner has hard-earned around 10 international and local design awards and prestigious recognitions over the years and has no plans of stopping. German Design Awards 2021 and 2019, Awwwards 2019, European Design Awards 2019 and 2018, Golden Egg 2018, Baltic Ecommerce Summit 2018 - they all have a nice story we can tell.


Remote-first before COVID

Bitfiner has had several physical offices, and in late 2018 went all-in on the remote work culture. Bitfiner still holds a cool “engine room” themed remote hub/office in the heart of Tallinn.


Radically open-minded and flexible

Bitfiner works with like-minded pros from all over the world. The location, nationality, or any other personal trait is not essential. As long as skills and passion are in place - all is good.


Live to travel

Before the COVID took over the world and changed business travels, Bitfiner was always on the move. Meeting with clients in many countries, catching up with the team - is and was a top preference. London, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Geneva, Kiev, Pico del Teide, Erbil, New York, Chania, Paphos, Riga - and the list goes on.


Bad jokes = a must

Humour is an essential part of Bitfiner, and many clients can witness that - and verify our jokes are sometimes really bad. The upside is that some of them are really good too. It has a nice balance.


Founded in 2014, pivoted in late 2020

Bitfiner was founded in Estonia in 2014 by Lauri Post - as a small design studio, with no big plans or ambitions. And even without proper design skills. Over the years, things took another turn, the skills and team grew, prestigious awards were won, and in late 2020 - a pivot was made favouring eCommerce and delivering growth services and products. We now live and breathe eCommerce.


Rejected from art school


Bitfiner’s founder Lauri Post was rejected from a local art and design school in Tartu, then got a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences, and ended up working in sales - before founding Bitfiner. Now he gets to work with the best and even designs for the top 1 art & design university in the Nordics and #6 in the world. It all worked out, just took a lot of time.

Shared by Guns N' Roses

The most important fact of them all :) Bitfiner went to Guns N' Roses’s concert in mid-2018, took a fabulous picture - and it even got shared by the famous Guns N' Roses itself (only a few were shared). That resulted in over 100k impressions in a day.

Bitfiner is global agency
Trusted by customers from over 20 countries, over 10 awards won on the way.

Evolved from a freelancers dream

At the end of 2020, bitfiner decided to focus most of its energy on eCommerce and made a pivot. Originally bitfiner was founded in 2014 as a UX/UI design studio. Quite a journey.

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