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Bit Finer visited Berlin, Geneva and Copenhagen in 4 days – see what happened

Lauri Post

We like to visit our customers, it’s not a secret to many because it’s a must. Therefore we packed our bags and jumped on an adventure. The mission was to visit 3 countries in 4 days and have some exceptionally good times with our friends and customers. And that we did.

Day 1 – from Tallinn to Berlin

The day started as usual – in our new and lovely office in Tallinn and as midday approached it was time to hop on the taxi.

Our journey started with a flight to Berlin where stayed for two days. You probably don’t know but Bit Finer has been roasting a series of new projects in Germany and some of them are about to hit the public in the following weeks and months. That said, the schedule was tight and easy: airport > hotel > night out with customers and friends.

Some really good german dishes and beverages were tasted and those enlightened truly exceptional stories that gave us all a memorable evening. Truly fun times! Super special thanks to Matthias, Jasper, Christian for such a unique night!

Day 2 – Berlin workshop

With german precision we were picked up from the hotel at 9:30 and the rest of the day went by in our customers office in Berlin. Well it is more like a cool foffice (factory and back office).

Without going into too much detail, there were some exceptional aromas of chocolate, coffee, tea and many other fine goods. It was hard to stay focused in such a sweet surrounding but luckily we managed and the day was very very productive. So you can expect some Estonian awesomeness to be launched in Berlin soon!

As the evening approached it was time to hop on the next plane which took us to Geneva, Switzerland. It was time to get a few hours of break


Day 3 – Hello Geneva

Geneva is just so beautiful, opening up the curtains in the hotel room revealed a scenery from a postcard. It is just magnificent!

Bit Finer was invited to Geneva by our dear friends from Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation and Geneva Diplomatic Circle that brings together 190 nationalities. As you may know 21 of September is the International Day of Peace and that was one of the reasons of our visit.

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation and Geneva Diplomatic Circle held a truly fantastic series of events on the 21st and Bit Finer was proud to be one of the supporters of the event and provide some digital madness.

The day started at President Wilson Hotel with an intense program to celebrate the International Day of Peace and gather some of the world’s leading organizations and executives around the world with one than that?

Princes, government representatives, military executives, global businesses and entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries were present and the event can not be out into words. Bit Finer is glad to be part of the network and give its modest contribution to the ones that need the help most. Feel free to visit is you want to do some good for the people that are in a horrible situation and life a life you can not imagine!

And at this point we really want to thank the following organizations that are making a big impact to the world by helping the ones that need help the most. They are the people with a big heart and don’t just say words, but take action. They have helped 1.5 million people together and if that is not something, we don’t know what is.


Highest level of thank you in the universe goes to:

Dr. Mariwan Baker
Robert F. Blum
Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation
Geneva Diplomatic Circle

Highest level of thank you in the world goes to:

Senator International
Hotel President Wilson
Intercontinental Hotel
Quatar Airways
Swiss Risk Care
Finding Butterflies
United Nations Blue Helmets
Jampur Group
Free Burma Rangers
Johnson & Johnson
Lifestyle Geneva
Dancers of the world

And all the people who took the time to flew in from all over the world and participate.

As the evening approached it was time to switch hotels and we set our way to the Intercontinental Hotel. The reason why we went there was simple – to participate on a VIP fashion show called Lifestyle Geneva that is part of the Pakistan Fashion Week London. The catwalk showed us the amazing work from 25 designers from Pakistan and it was an exceptional experience.

Day 4 – Hello again, Geneva

The last days were intense – modestly said. And we felt it was time for a rest … and that we did for a few hours

Just before heading out to explore Geneva a bit more. Restless souls as we are it was clear that a few hours of rest is all we need. That said take a look at some beautiful sights that are very easy on the eyes.

15 000 steps later is was time to head to the Geneva airport and start the journey to Tallinn. But on our way, we had to stop in Copenhagen and that did not go as planned, not a all. Our flight was delayed and instead of some other plans we had to run from gate A to gate E like some crazy persons as we landed 10 minutes before our new departure. Luckily we made it and it was nice to hear our names echoing across the airport

The cool-down took around 20 minutes or so, think we might have broken some airport records there.


And finally – we arrived back to Tallinn and that is the end of this adventure. We had good times and are so grateful for our friends and customers for taking the time to spend time together.

Thank you all and see you soon! As this adventure already enlightened a series of new adventures – let’s see where we end up the next time.


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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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