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Bitfiner has released a free mini-workshop for eCommerce businesses to help increase their AOV and bottom-line

April 13, 2021
Shailen Mistry

Hi, I'm Shailen Mistry, eCommerce Growth Director at Bitfiner. Recently, myself and the team at Bitfiner just finished creating a free mini-workshop just for you. It will only take around 2 hours of your time, and it’s ram-packed with so many revenue-generating strategies, we’re sure that it’ll bring you value and a  high return on time invested.  

We are introducing Bitfiner’s free AOV mini-workshop. This short workshop will give you 15 laser-focused strategies outlined in simple steps,  helping you pump up your AOV (average order value) consistently and steadily.

What's AOV? 

AOV is an acronym for Average Order Value. It’s defined as the average amount a customer spends on your website after checkout ( Revenue/ No of Orders).  AOV is usually an essential key performance indicator (KPI) for eCommerce websites and is typically used to measure merchandising results over a specific period.

Why does AOV matter so much?

Suppose your AOV is low, including Lifetime Value Per Customer (LTV-another important KPI). In that case, it may be time to look into some strategies for improving your AOV so that you improve your overall performance.

Monitoring and analyzing AOV is crucial for your business. It not only improves performance and increases sales, but it can also aid companies in making important marketing and sales decisions, which will improve your customers' experience while improving your bottom line.

As customer acquisition costs continue to rise and competition becomes more fierce online, by increasing your AOV, you’ll not only survive but thrive in this digital world. 

Imagine: you have 5000 orders a month, and your AOV is €37. If you increase the AOV to €40, you will make €15,000 more each month - and €180,000 annually.

Where can I get instant access? 

Glad you asked! Right over here -> Just click on this link to see all the information about the free AOV growth mini-workshop! 

Let the growth begin! 

I hope you enjoy your time with us and get a hefty return on your time invested.

This article was brought to you by Shailen Mistry

As the eCommerce Growth Director at Bitfiner, Shailen is well educated and has years of experience in eCommerce. As a hobby he runs an eBay store that has over 1500 five-star reviews and a hefty AOV. Lives in London, UK.

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