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Dude, It’s Here! (Episode 3)

August 1, 2020
UX Inspiration

In our last 2 m-articles (mini articles) we talked about what customers want and how to possibly make the delivery experience a bit more exciting. If you haven’t checked it yet, here it is: Dude, Where’s My Package? (Episode 1) and (Episode 2).

By no surprise we learned that short faster parcel deliveries lead to a higher customer satisfaction rating and if you add a touch of transparency in the process, it gets even better.

We made an example of a courier company using a bit more exciting interface and system, and also an example of how the same approach can work on a white label basis on any ecommerce store. And to wrap this mini series up nicely, here’s an example of how the most basic methods could add more transparency and clarity to the process.

But we live in 2020!

Understanding where the package is and when it arrives is indeed nice, but as the new decade is here we have new challenges to face: carbon-neutral delivery 🙂

Today’s consumers care more and more about this topic and you might want to look in that area as soon as you can too. Maybe you already have.

Highlights of The IPC Global Postal Industry Report 2019:

  • 66% of consumers surveyed would like packaging of their cross-border online purchase to be recyclable, with 47% strongly agreeing and another 19% agreeing. They also expressed a strong preference to receive parcels in cardboard as opposed to plastic.
  • 45% of cross-border online shoppers would like the delivery process to be carbon-neutral, of which 28% strongly agree, while 47% would be willing to receive their parcel a few days later to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Participants in the survey were also asked if they had ever paid extra for sustainable packaging when purchasing online. Only 1% had done this before, while 44% said they had never paid extra for sustainable packaging, but were likely to do so in the future. 43% said that they were unlikely to ever pay extra for sustainable packaging.

It’s easy to be an ecommerce business right? 🙂

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