Gentle reminder for some good practices to test on your email signup flow

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May 1, 2020
UX Inspiration

Signing up for an account can happen many ways, Google, Facebook and so on. There is also this good old thing called email, which is still used a lot on ecommerce sites and especially on SaaS websites trying to push you to create an account.

Considering that, it is worth making a gentle reminder to highlight the importance of having a conversion optimised signup page. Not to mention AB testing different versions of that sleek sign-up page. We’re sure the landing pages convey the message why to sign up, but if you use a dedicated page for signing up it might be a good idea to briefly communicate those benefits again in order to remove friction and motivate users.

Main questions to think about

  • Why should the user sign up and what’s in it for them?
  • How much information to ask and why to ask it anyway?
  • What is the purpose of this sign up form?

CXL wrote a nice article on the importance of sign-up flows and we suggest to take a read and think about how you currently handle this aspect. Why? Ignoring the importance of sign-up flow can not only cost you a lot of sales but also a great deal of missed opportunities.

Also take a quick look on one of our previous articles: Airbnb’s Example – Form Design Best Practices To Increase Conversions.

To summarize, remove unnecessary friction, ask only for essential information, and take your users to the “wow” experience as fast as you can. And AB test different flow formats to get the best performing flow that works for your business 🙂

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