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Have you ever wondered what could be other people’s navigation habits?

January 1, 2021
UX Inspiration

While scrolling down to the very bottom of the page and back up again is a viable option for many – usually to get a quick overview of the content displayed – there are in fact countless different ways you could interact with a website to find something of interest: scroll back and forth, read the content and click on call-to-actions, use the search bar, read the F.A.Q or return policy…

Whether you are on desktop or on your smartphone is also going to have a great influence on how you browse given the huge differences in viewport sizes and navigation controls (mouse/trackpad vs. your thumb 🙂 ). Moreover, people’s online buying intent is still much higher on desktop, despite an ever-increasing smartphone use. You could rightfully say people mainly buy on desktop because online experiences on mobile are sub-par compared to desktop but it’s probably just one part of the answer.

In this episode, we wanted to see how we could come up with a mobile ‘hamburger’ menu specifically that would facilitate navigation to important sections, such as product categories, the ‘About’ page and the ‘Contact’ page. Too often, accessing sections of interest are difficult due to the menu burying information behind drop-downs or a scroll.

In our design for Schlürf you can instantly see how easy it is to get an overview of the content hierarchy and categories available – in just a click or two. This is great for mobile users where the viewport is obviously limited and the menu, which acts as an overlay, is smoothly animated with a sliding effect. A menu overlay is ideal on smaller screens to give a sense of overview to the users into the website’s categories, as long a clear way out of the overlay is ensured (here with the hamburger icon morphing into a ‘Close’ button).

What’s your take on mobile menus? Are you truly making it easy to access pages in as few clicks as possible? Let us know 🙂

Brought to you by:

  • Lauri – UX/UI Design
  • Franz – UI Animation
  • Gauthier – Copy
  • Team UXD – Brainstorming
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