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How to improve both the online and offline shopping experience?


To start 2020 on the right path we reckoned we must bow to the end users and think how we can serve them better and most of all – empower their experience.

We were recently in touch with Graham from Chickidee to find out what their challenges are. Chickidee is a British Independent Home Interiors brand designing beautifully affordable interiors that positively affect how we feel. Aspirational homewares that you can easily afford. Sounds good right!

As good as it sounds, finding all the items online, especially from your mobile device might not be that enjoyable. As Graham stated, it is a big challenge not just for them but for a lot of retailers out there to make that connection between online and offline. Because if you think about the bottom line, it really does not matter where the sales happen, as long as it happens more and more frequently.

So, the question is how to make the product discovery process easy, attractive and enjoyable. Mostly on mobile devices because it already makes up more than half of the total sales for many retailers.

This is what we came up with:

  • Give users the power to shop online and offline (nearest store inventory)
  • Give users the power to always customize what they see, no matter the page (sticky filter bar)
  • Inspire users to find out new trends and items

Of course, the filtering options are endless, but something to give you an idea 🙂


Brought to you by:

  • Lauri – UX/UI Design
  • Franz – UI Animation
  • Team UXD – Brainstorming
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