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Improve your eCom website’s usability and profitability in a proven way - with the free Helumium eCommerce conversion kit

March 8, 2021
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Lauri Post

Many eCommerce stores seem to be unaware of the importance of good UX or even ignorant. As a result, they lose a lot of sales. The first impression matters a lot. Does it make sense to run a store and then just scare people away with a mediocre UX? No?

The team at Bitfiner created a free conversion kit for eCommerce businesses looking to grow their usability and bottom line - the proven way. 

Meet Helumium conversion kit, designed using tons of data, research, and years of experience. Cross-check your website against over 300 eCommerce UX guidelines visualized on over 120 screens/wireframes for mobile and desktop devices. 

Make thousands of hours of research and years of experience work for you. It’s free.

After studying numerous researches, hundreds of blogs, working with clients from 20+ countries and spending thousands of hours designing the UX of many eCommerce websites. We thought it is time to create a system of our own. It was planned for internal use mostly, but we also thought, why not share it with pros alike - and sent it out in the open. 

The response from the market was supremely flattering - signups from 40 countries. Businesses XXXXL and S started to use it. We’re still amazed. 

Key benefits of using Helumium

  • Increase Conversions - Tap into our knowledge pool and thousands of hours of research and practice. It is proven and tested.
  • Upgrade Usability - Use battle-tested UX guidelines to upgrade the usability of your site and grow further.
  • Increase Happiness - Make your customers happier, and they will make you more comfortable. It’s more than worth it.
  • Save tons of time - Numerous researches, hundreds of blogs, thousands of hours. You get it with 2 clicks.
  • Save tons of money - Taking a wrong turn can be costly. Know which way to go and what to do. 1..2..3 ... takeoff.
  • Do it yourself or not - The Balloon Conversion Kit enables you to work the magic yourself step-by-step.

Use Helumium’s free tools and 
knowledge to grow to new heights 

Boost your eCommerce website's conversion rate and sales with more than 300 guidelines. Each and one of them are battle-tested and based on thousands of hours of research. Review your website and start improving it page-by-page or guideline-by-guideline.

We interpreted the guidelines and made them visual for you. You can see how the guidelines should be visualized - and you can compare how your site ranks. Page-by-page or guideline-by-guideline.

Grow your profits step-by-step with a solid email marketing strategy. Email marketing will help you increase your customers’ lifetime value and generate more repeat purchases by turning one-time buyers into multi-buyers.

What’s inside

  • 300+ Free UX Guidelines
  • 60+ Mobile Blueprints
  • 60+ Desktop Blueprints
  • 6 Marketing Automations
  • How-to Guide
  • Audit Workflow

Working with the kit is easy

Just sign up, and you will access all the guidelines and views instantly. 

Visit to get the free kit.

Why Helumium

After doing the same things over and over again for years, it became clear something has to change. Ecommerce is growing and is showing no signs of stopping. Especially now, after the COVID madness.

As highly skilled UX/CRO experts and UX/UI designers, we decided to change the game and give free access to some of the best usability standards and growth hacks in eCommerce.

We believe that Helumium products will help many eCommerce businesses save tens of thousands so they can devote more funds to something else high in demand, like mining and understanding the data. Or polishing each detail on the UI design, or whatever is more critical for you or your customers.

We wake up every day to help eCommerce businesses and their clients. Our one and single goal are to make people enjoy the shopping experience even more. And on our way, we discovered that we could help many designers, freelancers, and agencies too.

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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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