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Introducing Bitfiner’s microservices and eCommerce growth marketplace beta

Lauri Post

There are so many things that can be done and should be done in eCommerce. It usually feels overwhelming and can stop people from taking action. When you hire an agency to do everything, it can add up. We know from experience. 

Growing your eCommerce business should be like driving a Tesla - efficient, not like driving a V12 engine that eats away all the profits.

After years of practice and endless conversations with our customers, team, and pros from the industry - we’ve placed our bets on the following hypothesis; The big , complex macro services that help eCommerce businesses to grow and increase their bottom line  should be broken down into smaller chunks. By doing so more eCommerce businesses will reap the benefits of the industry growth.

Complex growth macro services like in-depth CX/UX audits, effective marketing automation campaigns, significant redesigns, and developments can take weeks or months to complete and often have considerable costs involved. This is not necessarily a bad thing as we know our macro services have a high ROI and impact. However, we believe there is an alternative way for eCommerce businesses to grow one step at a time without taking this common route. 

One size does not fit all 

Would it make sense to take baby steps and grow step by step by prioritizing the areas that need action? We think so. 

One size does not fit all, but in most cases, we believe that testing and implementing a step-by-step process makes a lot more sense. Common questions arise; ‘What’s the best order to do things that will allow growth?’, ‘What shall we prioritize?’, ‘What can we do initially to give us the biggest bang for our buck?’. This can be overwhelming and many ecom businesses feel like this on a daily basis. They ask themselves, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’.

We understand this, and so, Bitfiner went on a mission to design and develop a marketplace that only focuses on microservices that are designed to help eCommerce business grow.

Why do we call it growth microservices? Well, they are small, they have high ROI, they can be delivered quickly, they are more affordable (some may say too affordable!), and most importantly, they will help you grow.

Below is an example of some of our macro services.  Our first steps in the next few months is to break them down into smaller microservices:

  • Our Bigger CX/UX Audits -  they have a customer success ratio of 100% and that can be compared with golden nuggets. They are the basis of any high-impact redesign and big eCommerce site makeover. 
  • Marketing Automation - may it be email marketing automation or PPC or onsite automation, we have big and complex services and want to break them down into small pieces making  it possible to launch particular campaigns that have high impact through a step by step process. 
  • PPC Services - we plan to break down our services into small pieces, from audits to particular campaigns for specific industries.
  • UX/UI Design - making a full site redesign is a big project. You need to do a lot of research, analyze many areas of the business and data, make sure you cover the top usability and CX/UX guidelines - and as we all know, there are over 1000 of them. We plan to break the design process down into a page by page approach whilst  catering for high converting UX/UI page designs for various industries.  As we are redesigning step by step,  we’ll make sure all the best practices are in place and in so doing creating  a ROI  monster.

And let’s keep something for the future too. 

Why is Bitfiner’s marketplace more impactful than Upwork, or any other similar platform, where you can hire people for small gigs? 

While there are many reasons why Bitfiner can have more impact on your bottom line, here are some of the key strengths we have identified. But most importantly, we do not offer random gigs or have our services delivered by random people.

Fully-managed services and delivery

Every service and product we offer has been either created by Bitfiner or verified by Bitfiner. Meaning it has to have a proven track record of catering growth for eCommerce businesses - and it has to be delivered by eCom pros, who have a solid track record. 

Guaranteed delivery

We are here to cater for growth and results. We only accept payment when we've delivered what we’ve promised and you’re happy with the work beforehand. What we seek to build is our most significant asset - trust.

Not for masses, a tight loop  

Bitfiner’s eCommerce growth marketplace is meant to help specific eCommerce businesses grow to new heights. It is not meant for everybody, and we only plan to focus on eCommerce and particular areas of eCommerce. 

We have to mention that everybody cannot join the marketplace. As the marketplace is fully managed, we carefully select what we offer and who will deliver it.

It is also important to mention again. Every microservice has to have a proven track record - verified by researchers and good old real life itself.

What is the marketplace in BETA?

As we seek to grow step by step ourselves too so it makes sense to validate some of our own hypotheses and practice what we preach before investing significant time and money into the fully automated marketplace. However, we feel we’re building something great and we’re on the verge of growth!

What is most important? 

Since the marketplace is a niche thing, we hypothesize that delivering high-quality and ROI microservices is more critical than “managing your orders and account” or even “making escrow payments”. While it totally makes sense to have proper systems and automation in place - growth can happen without them. 

Just need to take it step by step!

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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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