Is why more important than what – wait why?

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June 1, 2019
UX Inspiration

No matter how big or small, there will always be people who need to convince themselves in order to buy from you. Catering a superb user experience and CX is a must of course, but there are these things called clarity, likeability, authority. And apparently, they matter a lot.

Imagine two identical websites with identical products and identical prices. How do you choose, why is one better than the other? They might be the same, but if one of them makes it super clear why to prefer them, they have more chances in winning the race. As simple as that.

Your company’s value proposition is the reason consumers buy your products or services. It must be always remembered and communicated. Especially in ecommerce.

Oh my, we better check if we ourselves meet the requirements. If you want to quickly remember how to build a value proposition, better read this article and if you want to know how to communicate value proposition – better stay tuned 🙂

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