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Meet Helumium, world’s first ecommerce growth kit that is stuffed with battle-tested and data-backed blueprints and guidelines. And it’s free.

Lauri Post

Why on earth?

Long story short – as the world changed within weeks, many business owners and CEO’s must adapt their business as fast as possible. Our digital powerhouse Bit Finer saw an immediate reflection on the business, freezed and paused projects, a decline. Luckily not anything dramatic and the business is healthy, as are we.

The COVID madness forced me and the team to think, how can we help as many ecommerce businesses as possible?

Obviously we can not help all, it takes time and a lot. Also I see it is likely to happen that businesses, including our clients are forced to optimize their way out of this situation and invent new optimal ways to grow. Heavy research, custom and well-polished ecommerce UX and UI design services might not be in high demand at these times. As an industry professional I know they should be, but you never know when people will realize that. Also it is likely that as many businesses are facing a decline in business, they just can’t afford it. As easy as that.

After having spoken to some fellow professionals I heard the following phrase a lot: “quick and dirty”. It kind of shows how some businesses reflect their expectations (cheap, fast, tomorrow). That for sure is not a dream come true for UX/UI and CRO professionals. It’s the opposite we live for. We as industry professionals really don’t want the internet to have more nasty ecommerce websites, with horrible usability and customer experience.

Bets on the future, not the present

Therefore me and the team at Bit Finer decided to tap our toes into the SaaS world and create our first product, an ecommerce conversion kit, that can help an unlimited number of ecommerce businesses to thrive during the crisis, not just survive. And we decided to make the first product free. It is a decision to invest in the future.

The core idea of the ecommerce conversion KIT is to uplift the revenues and profits of as many ecommerce businesses as possible – and for free. So the more we thought about the uplifting effect the more it became clear that our product is very similar to helium

  • Helium is super light
  • It is the second most common element in the universe
  • It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas
  • It is used for growing crystals
  • It can lift a balloon as well as a airship
  • It is the second simplest atom to model
  • Helium is rare on Earth

Another aspect is luminance which can be associated with light, lightning and brightness. Clarity! Amazing right! Why not put the two together?

A new cure and substance was born

Surrounded by four walls and numerous video calls we invented a new substance, cure, vaccine to inappropriate UX/CX and some may just call it a brand – Helumium. Inspired by helium and luminance.

I’m excited to spell it and so were all the spelling bots one can find in Google. Sorry for such a long intro, but the WHY is always more important than HOW and WHAT.

So what good does Helumium do for an ecommerce business?

As the title promises, the ecommerce conversion KIT is battle-tested and data-backed – and helps to grow the business. But of course there is a lot more, here’s a shortlist of value packed bullet points:

  • Helumium’s Ecom KIT will drastically help to improve the user experience and conversion rates at the majority of ecommerce stores one can find. Because,
  • Helumium’s Ecom KIT is designed using tons of data and research, mostly inspired by the data-backed content you can find on Baymard Institute, CXL, eCommerceFuel, NN Group, Unbounce, Hubspot and our very own deep insights from Bit Finer (5+ years of experience with ecommerce and Saas projects from 20 countries).
  • Helumium’s Ecom KIT includes over 50 conversion optimized blueprints and guidelines. The premium versions will have the numbers in hundreds and come industry specific with a lot more.
  • Helumium’s Ecom KIT is made to please your customers. It’s made to grow your ecommerce business.
  • Helumium’s Ecom KIT is the new must have in ecommerce, coming in May 2020.
  • Anyone can use it, it is simple to understand and interpret, because it is visual

That came our way longer than I expected! If you really made it all the way through, here’s the link so you won’t have to scroll up

Thanks for your time and cheers!

Btw. we are looking for open feedback and beta testers, feel free to reach out at

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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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