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Meet the average order value (AOV) cash-cow tool for hungry eCommerce businesses

Lauri Post

The average order value is a hot topic, and so is customer lifetime value. There's no way around that. As the team at Bitfiner just launched a free mini-workshop on how to grow the AOV, we all took a bit of time and thought - how can we make people realize the importance of AOV and LTV and also make them quickly discover the unleashed potential their store has.

So we created a tool for that

It is called the AOV cash-cow tool and does exactly what it says :) You can enter your current AOV, the number of transactions you hit on average per month, and then choose the strategies and tactics you currently use. 

That's it. The tool will then analyze your current numbers and effort on AOV growth - and give you three things. 

  • A score - which tells you how well you seem to be doing in this area
  • Honest assessment - whether you need a high-five or a face-slap 
  • A simulator - so you can see how your numbers would look like if you would improve the AOV 
  • And an easy fix on how to improve the AOV 

The tool's core idea is to help eCommerce businesses remember or discover the importance of the AOV and LTV. Two hottest trends we see in the next few years. 

So go and try it out and see how you rank.

This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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