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Meet the rebranded Bitfiner and discover what is going on

Lauri Post

In short, in late 2020, Bitfiner decided to rebrand and focus on eCommerce and help businesses grow even further. We made many changes, and many positive and ambitious changes are still yet to come.

And on the 9th of March 2021, we got the new Bitfiner out in the open. Ready to roll.

For you to understand the key reasons why Bitfiner made a bold switch to eCommerce, suggest you read the article “Three main reasons why Bitfiner decided to add even more focus on eCommerce in late 2020?” And to learn more about the Marketplace and the plans, feel free to visit this article. To understand where we come from, this is an excellent article to start with. 

Change in focus and business model

The critical change was the laser focus on eCommerce and catering growth micro and macro services. In the past, we did it all - from wall to wall. Websites, apps, software, virtual tours, animation, copywriting, branding, photography, custom developments - and the list goes on. 

As it was hard to focus and projects were so different, we made a switch and placed our bets on eCommerce, which took over 60% of our time. Makes sense.

To keep our current customers happy and projects rolling, we decided to keep the design studio open, and it is not called “Don’t tell design studio.” It is well hidden, and we have plenty of work on the table just by relying on the good old word-of-mouth strategy. We plan to continue designing, of course, but most of our time will be spent helping eCommerce businesses level up. And as we opened up a marketplace beta ourselves, this will also be one of the focus points. To learn more about those decisions, feel free to explore the articles mentioned above. 

Slight update on branding

The last branding materials and the concept was created back in 2014. As it is now 2021 and we have a new approach. It felt appropriate to make some changes. To please the branding experts there, we went from rectangular and sharp to rounded and smooth. Obviously, there is a long story behind the changes, but the key idea is the brand is more friendly and opened now. We have introduced a new color palette that even has some psychological reasons, and we have plans to evolve the brand even further.

Not so slight update on the website

We made a full site redesign and went in-depth with services and pretty much everything. You will find improved client stories, services, and a new marketplace, a dedicated workshop for eCommerce businesses, a new network approach, and a lot more. There is a lot to discover, and of course, to test.

As we took one step further into the no-code movement, we had the website developed on top of Webflow - which is super impressive, by the way. As long-time Wordpress fans, that attitude has started to shift. The site speed, modular development, and keeping the Figma designs in sync with the style guide are very important. Right?

What else?

A lot has been done, and a lot is yet to be done. As we tell our customers to do things step by step, test, validate, and improve further. We follow the same logic. Business, brand, website, team, services, products - and a lot more get a fair amount of attention and love.

Have fun discovering the new Bitfiner, and stay tuned because the list in the roadmap is breathtaking. 

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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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