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New stuff alert: Helumium’s website was just updated and here’s what’s new

Lauri Post

Good news! The team at Helumium has been busier than ever during the recent months and we have reached our next small milestone. An updated website, fresh and new – while this might not sound that amazing, there is something in it. Here’s what you can discover.

Helumium Design System (HDS) is now available

And it is already in action, we’ve seen the first sales and we have some big pilots ongoing. For example with who is a leading fashion brand in the Baltics with a team of 400 fashionistas and 130 physical stores. Revenue exceeds 100 million euros. You can get some hints from the landing page. It’s a huge timesaver for fellow designers and eCommerce businesses. A free demo is also available!

My Account and Freebies

You can create a free account and access all current and future Helumium Freebies from there. Such as the free eCommerce conversion kit Balloon, backed with 300+ UX guidelines, and 120+ screens to cross-check. After getting some feedback from our Early Birds, it became apparent that we need to have this functionality and we plan to further develop it. Step by step.

Hints to the upcoming premium products

We have developed several new landing pages and a dedicated pricing page that will give you some idea of the direction we are moving. Zeppelin and Galaxy are in the making 🙂 If you find them valuable, you can subscribe to our -50% off list and once the products are out, you can use the discount code to get them, or not, no commitment.

An affiliate program

While it’s in the making we are already opened for discussions and are discussing the terms with the first partners. Let’s partner up and start conquering the world together. Become an affiliate or licensed partner.

And a lot more

After you go on the site, we’re sure you will discover even more updates. A slightly more modern design language, more pages, more positive surprises, etc. All for you. As we are moving on step by step, all things might not be perfect, but we are certain that we are getting closer and closer. By the way, the site is built on Wix, which is pretty cool as we discovered, it has many constraints, but still a very good way to grow step by step towards a custom made platform.

So what’s next?

We decided to go back to Helumium’s Free eCommerce Conversion Kit Balloon and make it even better. So we are now working on the updated and you can soon have it, for free of course. We are super grateful for all the people who shared their feedback with us and gave us ideas and hints on how to further improve, we are listening to you and we are implementing the addressed key changes.

And of course, we have the next Premium products on the table. We are dreaming of the beach and summer holidays, but you know, a lot to be done this summer and wish us all the best 🙂

Oh and not to mention our big pilots with big eCommerce businesses, oh my, what have gotten ourselves into 😀 A lot to be done and actually there is a lot positive more going, let keep something for the future too!

Thanks for making it to the end of this article, you rock!

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