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Rotermann Quarter – a magnificently-restored area in the centre of Tallinn with a radical avant-garde architecture is our new home

November 24, 2020
Lauri Post

A year ago, we moved our office from Tartu to Tallinn, and to summarize – we wish we had made this decision earlier. So much has changed in one year and all to the positive side. We love Tallinn.

Now a year and a pandemic later (hopefully), it is time to make a slight upgrade and calibrate the presence to our needs. As we made a switch towards remote work one year ago, it is time to take that decision even further as it’s working well for everybody.

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We decided to move to the Rotermann Quarter.
Its avant-garde architecture stands as a powerful symbol of just how far the city has come in re-inventing itself in recent times. Until just a few years ago, the Rotermann factory area between Old Town and the Passenger Port was little more than a collection of dilapidated buildings, discarded leftovers of late 19th and early 20th-century industry. Now the area has been magnificently-restored and serves as home to many shops and restaurants, as well as an active cultural scene.

The industrial area started to develop in the 19th century thrivingly. It was the location for a department store, a factory that produced starch, spirit, tables, and pasta, a mill that produced bread, flour, and groat, buildings of steam saw, and a salt warehouse, which is one of the most unique preserved limestone structures in Estonia. Currently, the building houses the Museum of Estonian Architecture, which was built based on a design by a Baltic German Ernst Boustedt in 1908.

And it’s a 5-minute walk from our current office.

On top of the remarkable history and elegant looks, we see many other benefits like improved logistics that save everybody time, beautiful scenery, and so many cool places to discover. It’s a must-visit place in Tallin! Oh yes, and our favorite beer-bar Brewdog is pretty close 🙂

A remote hub? Yes.
As remote work is now a new norm to pretty much the entire world and was so for us, even earlier, we decided not just to create an office, but just make a remote hub. Everything is automated, meaning the basics like the lights and even our lovely vacuum robot spins around from time to time. Noone needs to visits it, but anyone who wants can. As simple as that. It’s a beautiful place everyone at Bit Finer can use if they feel the need. Flexy!

The rooms are tranquil even though it’s in the middle of the action, and that enhances the level of focus and productivity, which are related.

So we’re excited and super happy to make another change for the good.


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This article was brought to you by Lauri Post

Founder and CEO of Bitfiner, and also a professional UX/UI designer with more than 8 years of experience in working with clients from over 20 countries.

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