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To start with a bang, Bring Hope has helped over 2 million souls to this date, starting from a flat zero. We have been going strong from day 1.

The Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is saving human lives, literally, every minute. We had the privilege to start from day 1 with Bring Hope and now over 5 years later we are still rocking together. BringHope has grown so much within a few years and now. Bring Hope is currently registered in 8 countries. Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a global movement dedicated to bringing hope to millions of displaced people within their own country & region where they are in significant need of basic requirements, support & skills to ensure they can experience dignity, belong and thrive.

We rebranded BringHope in 2017 and have done 3 website redesigns, too, to keep pace with the fast growth. Brand assets and annual yearbooks, business cards - we’ve done them all and will continue doing them as long they are creating positive outcomes for the humanitarian foundation.

How can you not help? Kurdistan has received over two million refugees in less than a year as a result of armed conflict in the region. Among the refugees are more than 700,000 children, most of whom are malnourished and without proper shoes or warm clothes, while an extremely cold winter awaits them. Do you have kids?

We went to Iraq to see it with our own eyes. It was devastating and life-changing. But it enabled us to realize we have to do more to help and create more digital madness that will assist the people and the foundation. People just like you and us are thrown into camps like animals, with no route back to what we conceive as normal life. The basics.

Even though the situation there is tough we have to celebrate the milestones of the foundation, too. Annual meetups in the UK are always a blast and it’s just wonderful to meet really good people who have given their lives to help others. 

As you know, for every end, there is also a beginning. It’s good to have such an ambitious partner like the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. We will support you in every way we can and hope our contribution will help vulnerable victims as well. As you say, together we can bring hope to those in need.

At the end of 2020 bitfiner made a gift to Bring Hope by designing the foundation another website to reflect their current state and the short terms future plans. The value of the gift was over 15,000 euros, which is a tiny investment to the foundation, and all the people who will benefit from the foundation’s help and aid provided. Children, men, women, no matter the gender or religion - we know the foundation will help every single soul - regardless.

Thank you team Bring Hope for keeping us in the loop, it is an honor. From 2021 bitfiner’s founder and CEO Lauri Post, was also invited to join the foundation’s Board of Directors. Which takes the collaboration to a whole new level. 


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