Mission accomplished

bitfiner had the pleasure to audit Elux's eCommerce website in terms of conversions and UX. The outcome was an extensive and actionable overview of how to increase conversions and online revenue.

⭕ E-Lux Home Appliances is a leading retailer and wholesaler of home appliances.
They are focused on quality goods and services. Founded in 1997
Dean Dream has 120 stores and has a team of 400 fashionistas.

Bitfiner hosted a series of seminars with the Estonian eCommerce Association. The team from Elux realized they could use an extra pair of eyes for auditing their checkout process. Bitfiner took up the challenge and did an in-depth analysis of their checkout process and uncovered a series of golden opportunities to make the checkout process convert on a whole new level. After completing the audit, bitfiner visited their team and gave a full overview of the findings and next action points. Mission accomplished.


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