The challenge 

When we first met JURA’s local branch, they were in the process of improving the purchase experience of their resellers by optimizing sales and logistics processes. As a brand with a global reputation, JURA was planning to build a user-friendly B2B eCommerce platform for resellers, purchasing managers, and significant store chains.

JURA Estonia asked us to design a B2B eCommerce marketplace to simplify the reseller partners’ product ordering process. Unlike the manual buying process in the past (using emails and excel sheets), JURA wanted a smooth and automated solution that saved a lot of time and provided a better user experience both internally and externally.

The solution

Once we aligned on all business and technical requirements with JURA, we designed the B2B marketplace with simplicity and efficiency in mind. For example, we simplified repeat orders by designing a search bar that does it all: Enter the product code, hit order, and you are set. We also created a recurring template function so buying managers can quickly and efficiently perform large scale orders and a lot more—all this with just a few clicks. And obviously, a lot more.


We made the repetitive ordering process as easy as possible, said goodbye to thousands of emails and long excel tables, and increased the ordering efficiency externally and internally. We are regularly keeping in touch with the JURA team to explore further innovation opportunities. And shortly after designing their B2B eCommerce platform, we created an iPad app for their Service team to repair the machines like never before. Make sure to read the story!


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