The challenge

We met KAFO, who was pure B2B, and they asked bitfiner to make them B2C and design them a good eCommerce experience for their new ambitions. Fast forward, the result has not only kicked off KAFO’s eCom revenue but also won numerous international design awards.

⭕ Exclusive coffees, coffee machines, and accessories
⭕ B2B supplier of hotels, restaurants, and flagship offices
⭕ Barista courses for hospitality staff

Traditionally KAFOs market presence was based on its exclusive B2B coffee and coffee machine supplier service. Over the past years, the KAFO team more and more realized the business potential in eCommerce. It became clear that to start selling online and enter the B2C market, they needed to enter the eCommerce scenery. 

The solution

After many meetings and discussions, KAFO and bitfiner shook hands and agreed to create one of the globally unique eCommerce sites from A-Z. We started with the regular auditing and user research process, which gave us a proper understanding of what we are facing and what needs to be done. After having full clarity, we started to design the CX/UX in the form of neat wireframes that, after validation, were fully designed. The goal was to make KAFO the Ferrari in the world of coffee. We think - mission accomplished. 


After several months covering research, design, copywriting, and development, we gave their new Ferrari keys to KAFO. And oh boy, did KAFO take it for a spin. And oh boy, all the attention it generated, all the money it is making, all the awards it has won, all the gossip it has caused - mission accomplished. A few years later, KAFO got bought by a big business, and bitfiner is happily working with the new team KAFO.

KAFO – The Ferrari of coffee & service


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