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Bitfiner was onboarded to the project by our dear friend from TUUR, and the goal was to design a one-of-a-kind virtual tour for the Minerals Got Talent traveling exhibition.

The traveling exhibition “MINERALS GOT TALENT! From underground to home” will show you the role of metals in our daily lives. You will discover their stories from the Big Bang to the most ancient Human civilizations up to our 21st century and beyond. In the comfort and convenience of modern life, it is easy to forget, that our ever-growing cities and societies are entirely dependent on precious gifts from the Earth: we call them “Mineral resources”. In three separate modules the exhibition will explore three main themes:

⭕ Our planet Earth in the past,

⭕ the relationship between humans, and the Earth in the past and today, and

⭕ what will our world look like tomorrow?

The exhibition "Minerals' Got Talent! From underground to home" is a European project meant to travel through a wide range of museums in Europe over 5 years (4 to 6 months in each venue). This 200m2 traveling exhibition is designed for young people but will be enlightening and interesting for everyone.

The team at bitfiner was proud to give this traveling exhibition a proper UX and design the interface to reflect the real exhibition. We want to thank our friend Lauri Veerde from TUUR, who from time to time, challenged us with cool projects. Always a pleasure to work together!

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The traveling exhibition “MINERALS GOT TALENT! From underground to home” will show you the role of metals in our daily lives.


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