Story in short

They asked bitfiner to help to resolve RFQ flow’s user experience. Mitigram has moved over 42 billion USD to this date.

In the past, big banks and corporations used email and excel to make agreements on huge transactions. Mitigram changed it, and bitfiner was proud the help to take the procedure one or many bars higher. And creating a simple wizard flow, that helps users to achieve their ambitions tenfolds. Due to confidentiality agreements, this all we can share.

Since the launch of Mitigram, 42 billion USD of trade finance flows globally have been facilitated by the platform to-date. Adopted by multinational corporations, leading commodity traders and many of the world’s largest banks, Mitigram offers a collaborative and efficient way for corporations to securely interact with their financial institutions in the negotiation of trade finance, bonding & guarantees, and risk mitigation.

Mitigram also allows banks to collaborate with each other and with non-bank financial institutions in the exchange of information to allow for trade finance needs to be effectively communicated and redistributed.

The platform provides access to an extended network of counterparties, supports comprehensive automated quotation workflows, and provides all parties with a better understanding of market pricing.

Mitigram enables LC issuance/ confirmations, risk cover and discounting of receivables, issuance, and re-issuance of guarantees across more than 1,000 banks in developed and emerging markets.


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