The challenge 

The Schlürf story started in Berlin when bitfiner visited their good friend and client, Berlin School of Coffee, and Berliner Kaffeerösterei. After brief discussions, it became clear that the premium tea brand needs to look and feel premium online.

Schlürf doesn't mess around when it's about their teas. The tea is organic and certified - and made in Germany. The tastes are premium and just beautiful. You have to read their tea story on their website to fully understand the tea business’s quality. Their previous website did not reflect their passion and quality, so our goal was to make it echo. Also, cover the site with known eCommerce best practices, to have a proper ROI for online channels. 

⭕ Berlin-based producer of specialty leaf teas
⭕ Eco-friendly production with high-quality standards
⭕ All teas are sourced from certified organic plantations.

The solution

Fast forward, we dived into the world of tea and did user research and team interviews to get to know the business and customers. After having the moment of clarity, we started with the CX/UX design phase and crafted paths to buy the tea online, in the form of high fidelity wireframes. Shortly after validating the UX phase, we started with the UI design phase and gave the tea brand a look and feel well deserved. The designs were done mobile-first due to the heavy numbers on mobile devices. After the full-redesign and creating interaction and tech brief for development - we handed the designs with instructions to developers, who then coded the site on top of Shopware. 

The outcome

A well deserved to look and feel for the German premium tea brand, happy client, happy team. Even the numbers were delighted. The site got fully redesigned and packed with proper eCommerce knowledge. Rein und gut!

Berlin-based producer of specialty leaf teas


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