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How can bitfiner help me?

Share proven methods, frameworks, UX/UI designs to unlock more eCommerce growth and profit. Help to decide on a great tech stack and tools to support scalable growth. How to seduce users and turn them into repeat customers.


What is your strong-suit?

Using persuasive design and conversion best practices and beyond in your storefront designs. Reducing abandonment and increasing store profitability, increasing the average order value.


Why do your methods work?

It is a combination of data, science, best practices and vast experience in the industry. We have put the theory into practice, countless times, and learned new insights from it. You can save lightyears of time and heaps of budget just by consulting us.

Why trust us.

Bitfiner is trusted by customers from over 25 countries, and since 2014, we have made a lot to keep our clients happy and have won over 10 design awards. Trust is like a currency to us.

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Work speaks itself.

What would be the best way to back up our words and promises? Of course, you’re right! The work we have produced by investing tens of thousands of hours. All as nice stories to discover.

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