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To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, you need to sell more to your existing customers.



How to cover the increasing marketing and PPC costs - and stay in the game?



How to generate a better return on investment on customer acquisition?



How to extract more profit from your existing store revenue?



How to know where to focus and what to do, in which order?

Introducing the  “Skyrocket your AOV🚀” free online mini-workshop

We show eCom businesses that have at least $500,000 of annual turnover the exact way to increase their profits by raising the AOV. And retention.

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You will get instant access to the online mini-workshops and can start growing your AOV today. The button waits for you below. It is as simple as that, and it is 100% free.

Go through the 3 mini courses👇

The mini-workshops are easy to follow and in total take less than 3 hours to complete. Just hit play and the show is on. The mini-workshops are divided into 3 modules.

Module 1 🎩
First time offers, product bundling, price anchoring, themed discounts and discounts on minimum spend tresholds.

Module 2 🤠
Upselling and cross-selling, displaying cost savings, time-sensitive deals, post-purchase magic, gift cards.

Module 3 🥳
Loyalty programs, donations, unique return strategies, complimentary samples, CX, UX.

Start growing your AOV and profit👇

After completing the mini-workshops you are ready to grow step by step. Do it yourself, or with Bitfiner. You decide.

2 minutes


Course intro and key learnings

54 minutes

Module 1

Five easy ways to pump up AOV

48 minutes

Module 2

Five special ways to pump up AOV

28 minutes

Module 3

Five top ways to pump up AOV

Bonus alert💰

You will get free access to Helumium conversion kit. Over 120 conversion optimized page views. Sell more!

Get instant access - For free
Learn from experts and grow AOV the proven way

Tons of value and actionable advice packed inside a 2-hour mini growth workshop

You will get to know at least 15 different ways how you can increase your average order value and profitability - the proven way.

You get strategies that've been base on research, have been proven and verified to move the needle

Growing your eCommerce business often feels like guesswork and dead ends. The AOV growth strategies are based on more than 50,000 hours of research, verified by giants like Google and researchers like Baymard Institute.

You can take the learnings and implement it yourself or with us. Total freedom.

At the end of the mini-workshop, you will have an AOV growth checklist you can start implementing straight away.

Get instant access - For free
Invest 2 hours to grow the next 365 days

No matter the platform. We cover them all.

The sales and AOV growth frameworks can be implemented on any eCom platform. You get optimization steps that are adaptable, possible to implement, and generate high ROI.

Why bitfiner?


Everything we do aligns with your eCom growth


You get a rare mix of knowledge, tools and pros


You get battle-tested methods and frameworks


Trusted by many eCom businesses globally

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German Design Award Special 2019

Over 10 international
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Who’s behind the mini-workshops?

Shailen Mistry 🇬🇧

As the eCommerce Growth Director at Bitfiner, Shailen is well educated and has years of experience in eCommerce. As a hobby he runs an eBay store that has over 1500 five-star reviews and a hefty AOV. Lives in London, UK.

Lauri Post 🇪🇪

Founder of Bitfiner, and a highly recognized and awarded UX/UI designer - and an eCommerce expert. With more than 8 years of experience, he has been invited to talk at the Grow with Google event and on many others. Lives in Tallinn, Estonia.


Is AOV growth a thing?

To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, you need to sell more to your existing customers. Take the free mini-workshops, and grow.

Get instant access - For free