Grow with Google.

Bitfiner is doing 2 webinars for Grow with Google (Õpi koos Google'iga)series in April and June 2021 and help thousands of entrepreneurs and soon-to-be entrepreneurs level their knowledge and digital skills. You can download the materials we highlighted on the webinars from this page.

Download "Veebid korda Checklist" has assembled a truly helpful checklist for all the business owners and website managers, who want to level up their game, and make their website generate more business.

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Improve your eCom website’s usability and profitability in a proven way. Cross-check your website against over 300 eCommerce UX guidelines visualized on over 120 screens. Make thousands of hours of research and years of experience work for you. It’s free.

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Bitfiner is global agency
Trusted by customers from over 20 countries, over 10 awards won on the way.

Evolved from a freelancers dream

At the end of 2020, bitfiner decided to focus most of its energy on eCommerce and made a pivot. Originally bitfiner was founded in 2014 as a UX/UI design studio. Quite a journey.

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