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Get this eCommerce growth product and increase bottom-line

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Email marketing automation in-depth audit to increase RPU, LTV and AOV

Impact on growth
Very High
Expected Price
7 days

Get this eCommerce growth product and increase bottom-line

Delivered by bitfiner eCom experts
Helps to grow your revenue and profitability
Review and approve completed project
Get this growth product
Book now and pay later

Why is it important?

Email marketing automation is a must-have for almost every modern brand. In 2019, 75% of marketers said they regularly use at least one type of marketing automation tool to grow and manage their stores. Marketing automation lets you automatically take care of some of the most time-consuming and repetitive responsibilities of the modern marketing world.

Email series we typically audit:

  • Welcome series
  • Cross-sell series
  • Up-sell series
  • Cart abandonment series
  • VIP series
  • Loyalty series
  • Win-back series
  • Post-purchase series
  • Personalization series
  • Browse abandonment series
  • Anniversary series
  • Subscription opt-in series
  • Auto-Reminder series
  • Feedback loop series
  • and the list goes on ...

What does the audit report include?

To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, 
you need to sell more to your existing customers. Your site will be cross-checked against many automation methods, strategies, and design principles. As the result, you will get an in-depth report.

  • Overview of how your site ranks against proven automation methods
  • Overview of what you can improve or test, and also how exactly
  • Opportunities and suggestions are ranked and prioritized by ROI
  • Experts will give specific suggestions and examples on how to implement the findings in your business
  • The email marketing automation action report is packed with value
  • A hefty ROI can be expected (think of the audit price, and potential value gain)

Key benefits of the audit 

  • Know how your site ranks against top marketing automation campaigns
  • Know how to increase customer lifetime value even further
  • Know how to improv customer experience even further
  • Know how to increase AOV and revenue even further
  • Save massive amount of time and energy

How does the process look like?

  • Book the growth product today
  • Bitfiner contacts you with some small questions
  • The expert review process begins
  • You will get the product delivered shortly
  • Confirm, pay, start growing to new heights

What will I get? 

  • An in-depth and actionable color psychology audit report
  • Checklist, prioritized by ROI, to improve your business
  • Links to resources and tools to optimize your workflow
  • A smooth ride and the expertise of hand-picked eCom experts
  • Grow to new heights, step by step, the proven way

Why bitfiner?

bitfiner unites the best and proven eCommerce growth tactics, guidelines, and workflows - with top experts in business, design, and development - to grow your eCommerce business. Smarter, not harder. We are not reinventing the wheel, and we are making your wheels speed up.

  • We use researches (Google, Baymard, CXL, etc.), case-studies, our experience, and dozens of blogs to cross-check your site. 
  • We keep up with the fast-paced eCommerce market and update our knowledge pool often. You get the latest expertise.
  • We are not breaking the bank, and we cater high-impact growth services in little pieces so that you can get the most out of it.

We have a proven track record of delivering the promises, happy clients from over 20 countries, and around 10 international/local UX/UI awards as a cherry on the cake.

How do the payments work?

As our marketplace is one of a kind, we are keeping it simple in the early days. Pay on delivery with debit/credit card, via direct bank transfer or Paypal. The commodity we seek is trust, and we are happy to ensure the product delivery before any payments get made.

How to get started

Select growth products
We deliver it
You review, confirm and pay

The promise

Quality guaranteed
Delivered by eCom experts
Pay upon delivery

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If you have any questions or thought about the bitfiner eCommerce marketplace feel free to reach out and we are here to help.

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