Automated email sequences that help you sell more

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We design marketing campaigns that raise your revenue by up to 10% or more.
Trusted by customers from over 20 countries and counting.

Sending effective emails to your customers can generate significant extra revenue

More repeat business

High conversion email campaigns reduce abandoned cart rates and increase repeat purchases by bringing customers back to your store.


Additional sales

Yet, most eCom store owners and teams either don’t send out emails, or use ineffective messaging that does not generate additional sales.


Quick turnaround

Our clients achieve an average 10% revenue growth through automated email campaigns that return customers to finish their purchase and buy again.


We’re here to help you recover lost revenue

At bitfiner we build automated email campaigns to help established eCom businesses (300.000 to 100 million euro annual revenue) raise their bottom line by average 10%.

Step 1

Strategy creation

Based on your business, products, and clients' personas we create an email automation strategy for you. (consisting of 3-5 email campaigns)

Step 2

Copywriting and design

Our simple three-step process means we do all the work for you. All you do is give us your input at the beginning and approve our work at the end.

Step 3

Prepare and test campaigns

Using Mailchimp or Klaviyo, we set up and test your campaigns following the agreed strategy.

Step 4

Release and Monitor

Once all is setup, we hit the “start” button and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Step 5

Results and Optimization

Within 6-12 weeks, you should see revenue-impacting results coming in. We keep monitoring and optimizing the campaigns for best performance.


Your Return on Investment

Say your annual revenue is 1M at the moment, and sending out 5 email campaigns (15 emails) helps you raise that number by 5-10%. That would mean an annual revenue boost of 50,000-100,000. (This quick calculation represents the average results of our clients.)

Some examples of the softwares we use for marketing automation

Feedback from clients

The plan is simple


Get in touch

We analyze your eCommerce store and walk you through a personalized marketing automation plan with an estimated results projection.

Half Curved

Work with us

We prepare your 3 to 5 email campaigns. We write all the copy, do the design for desktop/mobile, and set up the email flow.


Reap the Results

We launch your email campaign and monitor the data to optimize your campaign for the best results.

Count your profits

With marketing automation, it’s easy to see your return on investment. Our typical customer (Over 1M annual revenue) will increase their sales by an average 10% and increase their bottom line by 100,000 euros.

Done for you

Our simple five-step process means we do all the work for you. All you do is give us your input at the beginning and approve our work at the end.

True automation

Once we set it all up, you can sit back and watch the emails sell more. We help you with any optimization needed and give you total control.

Why bitfiner?


Everything we do aligns with your eCom growth


You get a rare mix of knowledge, tools and pros


You get battle-tested methods and frameworks


Trusted by many eCom businesses globally

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German Design Award Special 2019

Over 10 international
awards and high recognitions is a solid pat on the shoulder

No matter the platform. We cover them all.

The sales and AOV growth frameworks can be implemented on any eCom platform. You get optimization steps that are adaptable, possible to implement, and generate high ROI.


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To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, you need to sell more to your existing customers.

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