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Effective PPC campaigns bring profitable 
traffic to your store and help you raise ...

The revenue with a predictable return on investment. But many eCom businesses pay thousands of euros month by month and see little to no results with Google and Facebook Ads.

No clear strategy

We often see businesses have no clear strategy and do random advertizing


Broad targeting

It is really easy to spend a lot of money on broad ads, and get no return


Wrong landing pages

Sending traffic to the generic or wrong landing page wastes your money


We help you to level up

At bitfiner we help eCom businesses (with a minimum of 1500 euros/month ad spend) launch and manage profitable PPC campaigns. If you want to use paid advertising to generate high-quality store traffic on Google, Facebook, or Youtube, we can help you do it profitably.

Step 1

Google Ads

Largest ads system with proven return on investment. Grow your brand and increase sales—effective campaigns with detailed audience analysis and budget control.

Step 2

Facebook and Instagram Ads

1.3 billion users with an average of 35 mins daily usage time. Communicate directly with customers who click your ad through Facebook Messenger. Optimize your budget to generate meaningful results: Pay for clicks, impressions, or leads.

Step 3

Different Ad Types

We can help you get results with the following ad types: Paid search, Display ads, YouTube ads, Remarketing, Shopping ads, Gmail ads.

Feedback from clients

The plan is right here


Get in touch

We analyse your eCom store, value proposition and listen to you to understand your customers, products and business goals.

Half Curved

Work with us

Based on step 1 we audit your ad account and keywords. Then we set up your new campaigns. Or make a completely new one.


Reap the Results

Once the campaigns are up and running, we keep optimizing for best outcomes and regularly update you on results.

Team of focused eCom experts

Our PPC campaign team is made up of Google Ads certified professionals, who exclusively help eCom business sell more with PPC.

Flexible delivery with results

Whether you are planning to launch your first PPC campaign or need help with existing ones, we can help you with the first steps, like building a profitable ad strategy right through to optimize your current campaigns for better results.

Return on Investment

We are experienced in generating a strong return on investment with large ad budgets. In fact, all of our clients spend a minimum of 1500 euros on the PPC campaigns we run.

Why bitfiner?


Everything we do aligns with your eCom growth


You get a rare mix of knowledge, tools and pros


You get battle-tested methods and frameworks


Trusted by many eCom businesses globally

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German Design Award Special 2019

Over 10 international
awards and high recognitions is a solid pat on the shoulder

No matter the platform. We cover them all.

The sales and AOV growth frameworks can be implemented on any eCom platform. You get optimization steps that are adaptable, possible to implement, and generate high ROI.



To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, you need to sell more to your existing customers.

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