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Audit your eCom store and raise revenue by converting more visitors into customers.
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To grow your revenue and 
increase your marketing ROI, you need to ...

Turn more of your visitors into paying customers. Sadly in 2020 eCom stores globally only achieved an average 5 - 10% visitor conversion rate. The remaining 90% of their traffic increased marketing costs with zero revenue and no sales.
At bitfiner we see three key areas where eCom businesses lose customers.


Confusing homepages that fail to capture and keep visitor attention.


Navigation and product pages

Hard to navigate product pages that make it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for.


Checkout pages

Checkout pages that make shipping and payment info needlessly complicated.


Mobile version

The shopping experience tends to be extremely painful on mobile sites.


These 8 proven steps help you grow

BitFiner’s Growth Audit helps eCom businesses raise store revenue and marketing ROI by converting more visitors into paying customers. Our 8-step audit allows our clients (300k to over 100 million euros annual revenue) to optimize their stores with increased revenue and profitability in mind.

Step 1

Team interviews

We get to know your business’s goals, objectives, and challenges by talking to your key stakeholders. And most of all your customer support, or even warehouse manager.

Step 2

Customer questionnaires

Using a data-driven approach, we ask your customers for specific feedback on their user experience.

Step 3

Deep Analysis

Combining the findings of steps 1 and 2 with your business and technical data, we perform an in-depth analysis of your current revenue and profit streams.

Step 4

Full UX/CR Audit

Our UX and conversion experts review your site page by page and cross-check it against 300+ battle-tested UX guidelines—page by page, device by device.

Step 5

Full analysis

Like step 3, we combine all gathered data so far and boil it down to key and identifiable optimization points.

Step 6


We build a prioritized, step-by-step optimization roadmap that allows you to make high ROI changes immediately.

Step 7

Action Report

Following the roadmap, we create clear and actionable optimization solutions that you can implement.

Step 8


We put it all together in a thorough, easy-to-follow action report, which we present to you via a video call.


Your return on investment kicks right in

Say your annual revenue is 1M currently, and taking the audit helps you raise that number by 8-15%, which would mean an annual revenue boost of 80,00 - 150,000. (This quick calculation represents the average results of our clients.)

Some examples of the softwares we use for marketing automation

Feedback from clients

The plan is right here


Get in touch

We analyze your eCom store and listen to you to understand your clients, products. Then we create a personal conversion growth plan.

Half Curved

Work with us

We get to work and audit your site usability, technical setup, design, marketing and more. All this to build a 50+ page, ROI prioritised plan for you.


Reap the Results

Once finished (within two weeks), we present our findings to you, walk step by step through our report and help you start optimizing your site.

Done for you

eCom businesses caught up in daily operations often lack time to analyze and optimize their customer flow. Our growth audit allows you to stay focused on your day-to-day tasks while identifying potential growth areas.

We deep dive for you

We first listen to you and learn more about your business, your products, and your customers. Then we perform technical analysis, UX audit your site from the homepage to checkout, and interview your team. These are just the first steps of our audit.

Step-by-step framework

After a 360 degree audit and a thorough analysis, we present you with a step-by-step framework that allows you to optimize your store prioritized by ROI and potential revenue growth.

Why bitfiner?


Everything we do aligns with your eCom growth


You get a rare mix of knowledge, tools and pros


You get battle-tested methods and frameworks


Trusted by many eCom businesses globally

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German Design Award Special 2019

Over 10 international
awards and high recognitions is a solid pat on the shoulder

No matter the platform. We cover them all.

The sales and AOV growth frameworks can be implemented on any eCom platform. You get optimization steps that are adaptable, possible to implement, and generate high ROI.



To increase profit and generate better ROI on your marketing, you need to sell more to your existing customers.

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