Why trust bitfiner.

Bitfiner is trusted by customers from over 20 countries, and since 2014, we have made all we can to keep our clients happy and have won over 10 design awards on the way. Trust is like a currency to us, and all we want is to keep on growing the stack.

Trust from 20 countries

Clients and projects can be seen in the USA, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Singapore, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Lesotho, Rwanda, Netherlands, and a few more.
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Grow with Google, Trusted Shops - they trust us too

Bitfiner is collaborating with known brands such as Google and Trusted Shops. For example Bitfiner has recently trained thousands of people on the Grow with Google series and on a webinar with Trusted Shops.
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Over 10 design awards

European Design Awards 2021, Silver - we still can not believe it. One award can be a coincidence, and over 10 awards simply show how much effort we put in our work, to earn more trust, every single day.
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You always get more,
because we walk the talk

Delivering more, keeping our promises - is simply part of our culture.

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Growth mindset

Everything we do for you and with you - is all aligned in one direction. Which is to help your business grow. Our actions and work must produce growth for you, and for us.

Smart work

"Hard work pays off" they say. But we know that smart outperforms hard by far. That's why we look for smarter ways to get results for you and for us too. We respect working frameworks, but always innovate to make them even better.

Global & remote

Working with Bitfiner’s team is full of discoveries. The team works remotely from around the globe, while mostly being located in Europe. High standards, unique culture - is here to help you get even more than you imagine.

Why choose bitfiner.

Proven and trusted team

Research-led designs

Best practices applied

Business growth ahead

Custom or no-development

Enjoyable communication

Transparent processes

Deep knowledge in UX/UI

Recipes for growth design

Battle-tested frameworks

Project delivered 100%

High chance for awards

Evolved from a freelancers dream

At the end of 2020, bitfiner decided to focus most of its energy on eCommerce and made a pivot. Originally bitfiner was founded in 2014 as a UX/UI design studio. Quite a journey.

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What do some of our clients think?

What do we value at bitfiner?


Trust is the commodity we earn, keep and grow


Passion and pro skills in digital and design is a must


Clarity and honesty is expected from every person


We live to work smarter not harder and find new ways


We aim to deliver the WOW factor, and always push it


The day needs to have a lot fun packed inside


We are humble and have deep respect to all parties


Our work has to matter and make an impact

You always get more,
because we walk the talk

Delivering more, keeping our promises - is simply part of our culture.

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