The Challenge 

The Berlin Tea Academy offers tea traders, restaurateurs, hotel employees, and passionate tea lovers the opportunity to gain holistic knowledge in the field of tea. Bitfiner's task was to take the excellence from the cup and show it on the web almighty. Challenge accepted! To Berlin!

The Berlin Tea Academy’s previous website did not reflect their passion and quality, so our goal was to make it reflect. And also, cover the site with known eCommerce best practices to have a proper ROI for online channels. 

The Solution

Fast forward, we dived into the world of tea and did user research and team interviews in Berlin to get to know the business and customers. After having the moment of clarity, we started with the CX/UX design phase and crafted paths to buy tea courses online, in the form of high fidelity wireframes. Shortly after validating the UX phase, we started with the UI design phase and gave the tea brand a look and feel well deserved. 

The Outcome

A well-deserved look and feel for The Berlin Tea Academy, happy client, happy team. The designs were done mobile-first. After the full-redesign and creating interaction and tech brief for development - we handed the designs with developers’ instructions. Many teas were consumed, several trips to Berlin were taken, many good times!


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