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Frequently asked questions


How can you help me?

We share expert and valuable advice, proven methods on: product design, user experience design, UI design, user retention, product automation, etc. In short - how to make people adore your product, and design it towards simplicity.


What kind of products you consult?

As long as it is digital, and used by human beings, we can bring great value to your business.


How long does the process take?

Depending on your ambitions and the business complexity, our involvement, it can range from half a day to weeks or in some cases, months.

Why trust us.

Bitfiner is trusted by customers from over 25 countries, and since 2014, we have made a lot to keep our clients happy and have won over 10 design awards. Trust is like a currency to us.

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Work speaks itself.

What would be the best way to back up our words and promises? Of course, you’re right! The work we have produced by investing tens of thousands of hours. All as nice stories to discover.

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